Free yuri games

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Special thanks to Lena K for the idea and inadvertently helping me spruce up this list a bit. A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle. Developer and Publisher : Little Viktoria. Arcadia Fallen. Developer and Publisher : Galdra Studios. Desert Comets. Developer and Publisher : Anxious Flamenco. Enamored Risks. Developer and Publisher: Crystal Game Works. First Snow. Developer : Salty-Salty Studios.

Publisher : Studio elan. Forget Me Not. Developer and Publisher : Featherbox Studio. Foul Play.

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Developer and Publisher : Bandit Visual Games. Lock and Key. Developer and Publisher : Studio elan. Love Bakudan. Developer and Publisher : Noodletub Games. Once on a Windswept Night. Please Be Happy. Quantum Suicide. Reborn in Sin. Note: Futanari protagonist. Two of the three monster girls are futanari also. Developer and Publisher : aphrodisia. Reflections: Dreams and Reality. The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns.

Vengeful Heart. Developer and Publisher : Salmon Snake Games. Your Story. Seven Days With the Ghost. Publisher : Denpasoft. Curse of Kudan. Developer : Ochokokuchi. Developer and Publisher : Toffer Team. Lingua Fleur — Lily. Melancholy Love. Publisher : Kikkaiism. Nurse Love Addiction. Nurse Love Syndrome. The Shadows of Pygmalion. Developer : Base Son Light. Note: Lesbians exist in-universe and main plot features a yuri romance. Developer : Lunar Ray Games. Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk.

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Note: Lesbians exist in universe and the yuri plays an important role in the plot. Note: Marina and Pearl, the news broadcasters of Inkopolis News are dating. Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Developer : Monolith Soft. Note: Strong yuri vibes between protagonist and important female character.

Astral Chain. Virgo vs The Zodiac. Note: Protagonist has girlfriend and other lesbians exist in-universe. Developer : Moonana. Publisher : Degica Games. Even the Ocean. Developer : Analgesic Productions. Publisher : Ratalaika Games. Developer : Konjak. Publisher : Bifrost Entertainment. Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai. Note: Several of the characters are lesbians and have Yurirrific Arcade Mode endings. Nights of Azure 1 and 2.

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Publisher : Koei-Tecmo. Publisher : SakuraGame. Remothered 2 : Broken Porcelain. Publisher : Modus Games. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Note: Can play as female avatar and grow intimate with female characters. Developer and Publisher: Bandai-Namco. Publisher : Humble Games. Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z. Note: The first game is kind of a stealth harem while the second one features strong yuri vibes. The Atelier Series. Dusk Diver. Bullet Girls Phantasia.

Developer : Shade Inc. Publisher : D3 Publisher. Omega Labyrinth Life. Note 2: PS4 version, Labyrinth Lifeis heavily censored. The Missing.

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Macfield and The Island of Memories. Publisher : Arc System Works. Alluna and Brie. Developer and Publisher : Lached Up Games. Va Hall-A.

Free yuri games

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