Wild sex ideas

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Not that spanking is off limits or anything Kink includes a whole spectrum of behaviors beyond BDSM bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism though. It could involve anything from role playing, to blindfolds and feathery props, to having a threesome, or even doing some Broad City- style pegging.

The biggest rule: If you and your partner are both interested in kinky sexhave an open conversation about what it is about kink that's a turn-on, and what you're comfortable trying, says Jenni Skyler, Ph. Keep exploring until you find what feels good for you.

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Instead, cue up The Secretary on Netflix, advises Aaron. Chances are, you have a scarf, a sleep mask, or a tie laying around your bedroom somewhere—tying one on deprives you or your partner of one of your main senses, making all the others—touch, taste, smell, sound—all the more electrifying. Blindfolding also underscores a kinky power imbalance, he says, leaving your partner at the mercy of your touch. On that note, belts, ties, and scarfs can also be an easy, un-intimidating way to experiment with restraint a.

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You can also pick up a beginner's kink kit that includes things like blindfolds and fuzzy handcuffs, says Skyler. Before you freak out, BDSM dungeons can actually be a great place to observe kinky sex from the sidelines—the experts really recommend them. This is also a great place to learn some kink safety tips.

Ortmann recommends The Pleasure Chest. Spanking can be a surprisingly intimate way to get into kink. Whether your fantasy is a silk French maid get-up, hot cop outfit studded with leather, or a fuzzy animal print catsuit, costumes can be a fun way to get kinky. This can also be a great segue into wild sex ideas playing.

Good old fashioned dirty talk can be a great way to start playing with the power dynamics that are so prevalent in kinky sex. For example, some kink connoisseurs find that being called derogatory names during sex gets them off. Just tread carefully. Voyeurism—giving your partner a strip tease, letting your partner watch you touch yourself, or simply enjoying being objectified while naked—is a more approachable kink. See a few interesting ideas but still shy about initiating?

For example, come up with a story to role play that involves a little dress up, blindfolding, and getting spanked. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet. Getty Images.

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Wild sex ideas

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10 Kinky Sex Ideas That Are Super-Easy To Try