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Patience is a Virtue. All good things come to he who waits. I take value in moving at the speed of light. More things get done. I make more of my day. I am productive. I am patinetlyimpatient person groaning in agony at the patinetlyimpatient off lines at school.

Why is the backpack in the trunk? I will myself not to beep in the toll lane, You honestly just realized you needed money to pay the toll? Some may say the universe is trying to teach me to slow down. Or, as I like to believe, perhaps it is my calling to help others to hurry up. I finish the sentences of my family, and make the universal hand for hurry it up, when they tell long winded stories. I walk fast, read fast, speak faster. I have cursed, screamed, beeped, sped myself into a frenzy. And where exactly am I rushing to? When I sit at my desk researching, writing, revising, Patinetlyimpatient am so easily frustrated by the process.

The life of a writer is a life of waiting. After waiting for characters, and plots to develop from thoughts and words, another kind of waiting begins—waiting for comments back from editors, waiting for revisions, for contracts, the first advance, the final advance, the royalty check, the next book to be released…. I may always be in a hurry but I still take time to read between the lines.

For me, summer is a slow down month of lazy days and warm, lingering nights. The heat makes me too tired to rush. The work I strive to do as a writer.

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And now, with summer and stories in full bloom, I impatiently wait for patience. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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